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Sample Site Visitation Schedule

Prior to arrival on campus, the agenda and schedule should have been established through negotiation between the Site Visit Team leader and the Program Director.

During the visit, time needs to be left for team conferences and any evening interactions should be finished early so that Site Visit Team members can complete their responsibilities  

 A suggested agenda is as follows:

Day 1:

1.   Team members arrive in the afternoon and complete the following:

a.   Confer and review site visit schedule.

b.   Meet with Program director to confirm site visit schedule and request any additional data or material needed during the site visit.

c.   Get acquainted with Program administrators and faculty in an informal group gathering.

Day 2:

1.   Morning

a.   Meet with the Department Chair, Program Director, and Program faculty as a group.   The discussion focuses on an overview and history of the Program, the role of the site visit within the accreditation process, and pertinent details regarding this site visit.  This conference will be scheduled for approximately 1 hour with a 15 minute presentation by the Program and remaining time for discussion. Both Site Visit Team members will be involved in this conference.

b.   Meet with Program director, department chair, each Program faculty member, appropriate higher level administration (the dean of faculty and/or college, sometimes the provost or president), other faculty who have close relationships with the Program but are not in the Program, and adjunct faculty. Depending on the size of the Program, the Site Visit Team members may meet individually or together with these persons.  If separate conferences are held, the Site Visit Leader shall meet with the highest ranking administrator.

2.   Afternoon

a.   Tour campus and meet with other functionary and support units such as library, computer center, placement services, other student support services.

b.   Meet separately with students and with Program alumni. Faculty of the Program shall not be present at these conferences. Both Site Visit Team members will be present at these conferences.

c.   Meet with Program staff.

d.   Review relevant records.

      e.   Meet with Program's community advisory committee.

Day 3

1.   The Site Visit Team members remain on site until the completion of the following:

a.   Meet with the practicum coordinator and visit a minimum of 2 sites.

b.   If appropriate, contact other community organizations with which the Program has public and professional outreach relationships.

c.   Conduct an exit conference with Program director and other appropriate institutional representatives.

d.   Develop a draft of the Site Visit Report before departing.

This is only a model. Individual circumstances may require modifications and/or a longer visit.

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